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Saturday, 19 January 2013

Short Eared Owls Again

With clear sky's and low wind predicted it was decided to venture up north to Worlaby Carrs.  When we arrived there were 4 SEO flying around but they were all very distant on the other side of the field.  We parked up and settled down in the cars waiting for one to come closer or even hopefully perched up.

After a few hours they started to come a little closer but still not really ideal.  Eventually one Owl did however decide to perch up.  A small drive down the lane and we were able to get a few shots, again it was some distance and as we got closer it decided to fly off :(

Things didn't really improve later in the afternoon as the owls were still favoring the middle of the field.  I did manage a few shots thanks to Ken for allowing me to use the 300mm and the x2 converter to give me some extra reach.  

I had the chance to visit Worlaby again later that week and was hoping to see them closer.  Same routine, owls were showing at a distance :( 

Just as I was thinking about leaving I noticed a single Shorty flying around close to the road at the other end of the lane.  A quick drive down the lane and got out of the car holding the camera.  The Owl was now hunting in a close by field but I decided to watch and wait.  Eventually the Owl headed my way through the long grass.  

It then decided to hunt right in front of me.  

It was great to watch the owl so close hunting and flying around and also gave me the chance to get lots of shots.  

The long drives and waiting in the cold really did pay off this time.  Can't wait to have the chance to see the great owls again. 

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