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Saturday, 7 April 2012

Catch up time again

I have been so busy with work during the week and photography during the weekend it has been a while since I have posted so here is an update.  Sorry for it being so long and I will try to keep it updated regular.
Little Grebe and Hawfinch
We decided to take a trip to Derbyshire to hopefully get a few pics of the Hawfinches which had been seen feeding on the ground.  To keep a long story short we saw the Hawfinches but they never came down to the ground and remained high in the trees.  Off to see the trusted Little Grebes for a few shots. 

Hawfinch's & Red Squirrel's
Not giving up on the Hawfinch's we decided to head off to Cumbria.  A very early start to ensure we were there at first light but it was well worth it.  At one point we counted 9 of them feeding togther from the ground.  This is the first time I have photographed these so I was very happy. 

Following the Hawfinch we called in to see how the Red Squirrels were doing this year, again they didn't dissapoint.  A great day all in all.

Great Crested Grebe and Greylag's
It was deceided to stay local ish so we headed off in the hunt of getting some water fowl.  I really like the Crested Grebes and the Greylags mating was a bonus.

Something a bit different
Whilst walking around the chase I noticed some frogs in a small pool and thought why not.

Peregrine Falcoln
This was a very special day for me as I had never seen a Peregrine Falcoln up close nor had I photographed one before.  The noise they made when flying past us was something I will not forget for a long time.