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Friday, 25 February 2011

Long Tail Tit

At last we had a bit of good weather so a quick drive up to the chase to get a few pics of these little gems.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Short Eared Owl's

The weekend was here again so it was time to get up early and take a 300 mile round trip to Lincolnshire to hopefully see for Short Eared Owl's

Met with Pete ar Far ings and had a walk around but not alot to see really, well actually nothing. Plus is was raining

Upon arrival at the owl location there were already a few people there and before long there were 30 plus photographers. Weather started to improve at last and the owls were out already but were distant. As the afternoon went by more and more shorties could be seen and they were slowly getting closer.

Pete any myself decided we would take a walk down towards the bottom of the lane away from everybody else to try and get a few shots. Things were looking no good and the it was getting late in the afternoon. Whilst walking back towards the car we noticed around 30 photographers all standing togther pointing their camera's at a shorties perched on the fence. A walk turned in a fast walk and then a jog i think :)

What a poser!

As you can see it was well worth the early morning and long drive. Can't wait to re-visit again.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Wet Weekend

Well the weather has been bad since Christmas so taking and photo's has been a challange.

This week I managed to get a few of the little owl along with a early morning start to capture my fav. foxes.

Just hope some better weather is on it way.

Little Owl Hiding in the tree.

I have been after this fox shot now for some time. A little bit of light and I will get the shot I have been after.

Some body enjoyed their food.