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Saturday, 21 January 2012

First Post of 2012

2012 started off slow as per last year.  I spent five hours in a hide waiting for a Bittern which didn't turn up :(
The following few weekends was a lot better though. 

A few quick trips to the chase produced my first nice pic of a Yellowhammer perched off the ground for a change.

The Saturday was spent at my local reserve Doxey Marshes which it located just off JN14 of the M6.  I had seen a pair of Stonechats a few week ago there and they were showing very well so we decided to give it a visit.  The male Stonechat is a great poser and a delight to photograph.

The female also showed but was more distant.
The following morning we decided to give Slimbridge and the Bittern another go.  This time we didn't wait much more than 30 mins before two of them appeared.  When I say they appeared they spent approx 3 secs each in the clear.  I however did manage some shots which I am happy of. 

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Quick review of 2011

2011 has been a great year for me in regards to photography.  If you had asked me at the beginning of 2011 what photo's I was hoping for; then I would had never of dreamed to list some of the images I have managed. 

Below I have chosen a few special moments from each month. 

The year started fairly slow as it always does due the weather but during Feb I managed my first good shot of a SEO.  A drive up north to Warbly Carrs where I met Pete proved to be the right choose.  We both nearly missed the shot due to being the wrong end of the lane, all I remember was a walk turned into a stroll and then a jog and then a near full sprint.  I will not forget that day for many years to come.
During March I made my first ever visit to Norfolk as I was working on the east cost.  I had a great time there although it was a very short time but following this brief visit I decided I would be visiting again several more times during the year.
 April was a special month for me as I had the opportunity to photograph a lone male Dartford.  I spent the afternoon in great company with some friends but the star of the day had to be the Dartford.  What a great experience.

May came and so did spring.  This spring seemed to be a great year for Redstarts and before long everywhere I looked there seemed to be Redstarts.  I really can't wait now until spring 2012 to see these guys again.
June was a good month on my local patch Cannock Chase.  I was told about a sighting of a tawny owl on the chase and a few hours after I was sitting beneath a tree watching this great looking Owl.  This was a delight to see and espically as it was only 10 mins from my house.  A few weeks later I was also lucky enough to see two young fledge.
July is when it seems to go quiet on the birding front but this gave me time to spend with my foxes again.  I spent several hours each early morning and late evening walking the chase to find some cubs.  After about a week looking I was lucky enough to come across a den with good cover where I would hopefully get some photo's.  On the first visit I was not disappointed.  July also gave me time to visit the Red squirrels which is always a delight to photograph.

Looking back at my pics from Aug it seemed to be a quiet month, this is prob due to holidays etc.  Aug whoever did bring the Swallows to Cannock Chase and they were quite happy to be photographed feeding the young. 
During Sep I made another trip to Norfolk but things were still quiet there.  A little Egret at Clay marsh showed well but the highlight for me was when the Spoonbills flew straight past us.
Oct and time for the Bucks to show on my local patch again.  A few early mornings produced some great light and this was a photograph I had been after for a while now.
Nov brought a surprise to my local patch again in the form of a Great Grey Shrike.  On my third visit to the area and sitting away from the crowds the Shrike showed very well for me.
December was all about Short Eared Owls, until now I had not got any good shots of owls in flight.  I visited the site several times during Dec and must have hundreds of shots but always looking for that one which is better than the last.  This was the perfect way to finish year 2011 off.