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Friday, 28 December 2012

Barn & SEO

After checking the weather the night before it seemed like it was going to be dry and low wind.  This meant one thing??? Owls.

After seeing lots of photo's from Lancashire and doing some research I had narrowed down a few places to visit and try my luck.

A early morning call from Ken and he explained it was raining :) I checked the weather online and it didn't look good so we decided to cancel the trip.  After a cup of tea and strolling around the house I decided I would go regardless just to check out the area's I had highlighted.

It was 11 am before i arrived due to a accident on the M6 and I started my tour around the lanes of Lancashire.  After talking to a few local walkers they all pointed me to the same location but nothing could be seen.  The weather wasn't great and very overcast but at least it wasn't raining yet.  I decided to sit tight in the car and around 12 noon I spotted the first SEO in the field on the other side of the road.  The SEO was hunting around the opposite side of the field so I was unable to get any shots, a quick look at the sat nav I found a road that run along side the opposite side of the road.  A quick 5 mins drive and on arrival the SEO was still hunting I was so pleased I drove straight into a small pull in which looked muddy but what the hell.

The SEO came close and I manged a few pics.  It was only 5 mins later the heavens opened and started raining and it was time for the SEO to go back down to the long grass.

Whilst sitting in the car as it rained I noticed a white object in a barn close by.  Could it be???
A quick check with the bins and I confirmed it was a Barn owl.  I was so excited as this was my first encounter with a wild barn owl and I had been after this for the last 2 1/2 years.  I stayed put in the car watching the barn owl just sitting there quite happy.  It wasn't long when the rain stopped again and within a few mins the barn owl took flight.  To my great delight it started hunting in a small field right next to me.  I was a happy boy to say the least.

The only problem was that within 5 mins it started raining again and the Barny headed off to another farm for cover.  I  stayed put for the remaining 30 mins but looking at the skies there was no chance of any further clear weather.  Oh well I got some shots and found a new location.

I packed up the camera gear and started to reverse but this is when the problems started.  In the hurry of pulling in into the small opening I didn't realize how muddy it really was.  approx 15 mins later and lots of backwards and forwards I finally managed to get out of the mud.  Lesson learnt for next time I visit (stay on the hard ground).

I will be visiting again in the very near future so hopefully a few more pics to add in the new year.

Saturday, 15 December 2012


Hi All

Over the last few weeks I have been spending a lot of my time photographing wild Red Foxes.  Below is a selection of photo's taken over the last few weeks in different conditions.  Just now waiting for the snow :)