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Sunday, 16 September 2012

Osprey at Upton Warren

Well after going to the Highlands earlier this year and having no luck with the Ospreys it was a delight when one was reported locally.

After seeing the first reports of it at Upton I was unable to visit until the following weekend due to work commitments, would it still be around by the weekend??

Lucky for me it was and as I write it is still showing well at Upton.

We got to Upton just before 9 am as it was foggy earlier in the morning.  It wasn't long before a few regular faces started to appear (good to see everybody again).

The Osprey was regular on the hour from 9am till 2pm when I left and was fishing in variety of places over the sailing club.

The first few visits it fished closer to where we were stood but as the crowd of photographers grew it seemed to favor the middle of the pool more.

Ken had made a visit earlier in the week and got some nice close shots of the Osprey so he very kindly let me use the 600mm which made it a lot easier to get pics when it was more distant.