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Sunday, 6 May 2012

Catch up again (Sorry)

It seems I just don't get enough time just of late to keep the blog up to date with work commitments but here goes.

I quick visit to see the dippers in Shropshire and I was glad to see that they were still there again this year, its not the greatest spot for taking pics but its great to see them again.
A very very early start to visit Wales with the aim of getting some shots of the Black Grouse Lekking and it was well worth the early start.  This was the first time I had seen these and it was just great to watch.

From here we continued on our quest to find the Dartford Warblers where we were also met by our good friend Pete.  The Darford showed well and the light was also good so it made for some great photo's.

Since I have been doing so much travelling for work it was decided to stay local at Cannock Chase.  I quick walk around and I managed to find myself a Treecreeper nest and also the first sighting of a Redstart this year.

Another visited to the Chase and I decided it had been too long since I photographed one of my fav birds; the Nuthatch. 
Ohh and a few shots of a Robin that just wouldn't leave us alone.
I was working in Wales so I didn't need another reason to try for the Black Grouse again.  The only problem was the fog :(
As the fog cleared I did manage a few Wheatear's though before leaving to get to the job site.
The weather forecast was good so where was I going to go???  Well I choose my fav place of all time and headed off to Wales again.  I had seen photo's of the Pied flycatchers so was hoping for a good day; well what can i say,,,  When you have Pied flycatchers feeding out of your hand you really can't moan.
We also managed to get some nice pics of the Siskin and Redpolls.
In the afternoon we headed off to get some shots of the Red Kites.  I have been after a certain shot now for some time and still to get it but I will keep trying until I do. 
Well thats it.  I will try to keep a more updated blog in the future.