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Friday, 27 August 2010

Brandon Marsh 1st Aug

Up early again at 5 am to meet my friend Ken at Brandon. I have been wanting to get some nice pictures of the king fisher now for sometime and Ken said he would show me around. The weather wasn't great but it was at least dry.

Upon arrival at the hide there was only one other person so we got set up nearlist to the perch. Ken lent me his 500mm F4 :) so I could hopefully nail some good pictures.

It was about a hour before the first fly by sighting and then one perched.
This was the closest I had been to a kingfisher so I was so excited and just kept taking shot after shot.

During the next hour the light started to improve and more kingfishers arrived.
At one point there was 3 king fishers sitting on one perch, this was a great sight to see.
As the time went on Ken said I had better "fill my boots with pics" as they would be leaving soon, sure enough a few minutes later they had all gone.

So all in all a great morning, arrived at 6am and left at 10am with over 200 shots of the kingfisher's. I will be visiting Brandon again in the near future.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Skomer Island 3rd to 5th July

I know this is a little late posting but it has taken me weeks to go through all the photo's. This was my first visit to Skomer and I loved every minute of it.

During the 3 days spent there I saw a lot of firsts for me including:
Little owl
Short eared owl
And of course hundreds of puffins.

As we had only three days on the island I decided to make the most of my time which meant leaving the accommodation early and not returning until early evening. I was also determined to cover as much as the island as possible, I don;t think my legs agreed with this after the second day.

Before the trip I had a few Puffin shots in mind which I wanted to capture including these few.

During the first night on the island we went out around midnight to gain the amazing experience of the shearwaters coming in to the island. The noise was from them calling out to each other was intense along with the gush of air passing your head as they flew over you.

The little owl's were showing for most of the time but they kept their distance.

The short eared owls however gave us a great display on the last evening. This was a absolute pleasure to watch and get a few pictures of.

I could write pages and pages more about this trip and I will be returning again next year. If you have never been to Skomer Island I would recommend it highly.